Creativity project GPT-AI unleashes infinite value in Web3


The immense creativity of GPT-AI in Web3

With the continuous development of science and technology, our lifestyle has also undergone tremendous changes. Under the heat wave of Web3, it not only changes the boundaries of the real world, but also changes the way we communicate and interact with the real world.

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the hottest topic recently. The chat robot CHATGPT quickly became popular and easily attracted more than 100 million users in two months. From a functional perspective, artificial intelligence can easily surpass humans. In an environment that requires a lot of functionality, artificial intelligence has higher value than humans. However, in terms of creativity, artificial intelligence still needs human guidance and training, so as to serve the human community. The value of the service depends on the community power. The greater the community power, the greater the value that artificial intelligence can create.

Community Power of Web3

In the Web 2 era, people can use personal networks to sell products and promote businesses, and those with more fans will make more money, but a portion of the value will be taken away by centralized platforms. This formula is also preserved in Web3, with the addition of network effects, but the difference is that the Web3 network is decentralized, and the value that originally belonged to the centralized platform will enter the community, motivating the community and expanding it. As more and more people join the community as creators, collectors, and fans, and share their trained GPT-AI in the community, the value of the community and the value of GPT-AI will increase significantly.

Due to the value attraction of GPT-AI and the continuous commission income enjoyed by holding GPT-AI, the value ocean created by GPT-AI in the web3 community will be maximized.

GPT-AI is a decentralized Web3 project independently developed and created by CHATGPT Artificial Intelligence. Its goal is to enable everyone to have and train their own AI robots, eventually forming a huge scale of AI applications, transactions, and rental platforms. Imagine this scenario: if you are an image processor, designer, nutritionist, fitness coach, or a chef, you can teach your AI robot your best skills and knowledge, and then earn commissions by renting or selling AI robots. I believe this will be a very exciting future. On the platform, users can purchase incubators for GPT-AI robots. The incubation period is 30 days. GPT-AI robots have 10 levels. Once the incubation period is over, users can randomly get a GPT-AI robot from level 1 to 7. The estimated market value of a 5-level GPT-AI robot is approximately 1000 USDT.

GPT Token

The value of a community can be valued and monetized through blockchain technology. Community members can earn Tokens by training AI robots to provide services to community users, and the earned Tokens can also be used to upgrade and continue to train AI robots. When the services provided by GPT-AI can match the needs of all users in the Web3 community, the future value of Tokens is immeasurable.

Those who are bullish on Token value can participate in the ecosystem as stakeholders, purchase incubators, incubate their own AI robots, and train them, or directly use AI robots trained by other users in the community. For example, if you need to design a promotional picture for your new product, you can find an AI robot trained by a designer on the rental platform of, rent it with Tokens, and get the promotional picture you want. This is where the huge value of community needs comes from, and GPT-AI robots are used to solve the needs, while Tokens carry the value needed to solve the needs.

The combination of Web3 and GPT-AI will be a trillion-dollar market, with the potential of Web3's community power and huge demand, will perfectly mine and unleash infinite value.

Start training your GPT-AI robot.

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