The new Yuan Universe+DEFI token TNUT is launched globally, detonating the hot market


With the strong rise of digital assets to pass the "big value discovery" of the mainstream projects of the mainstream projects of the mainstream projects of the mainstream projects of the mainstream projects of the mainstream projects of DEFI, blockchain and encrypted finance have gradually been well known to more and more people, setting off a strong one, setting off a strong one, setting off a strong one, setting off a strong one Investment enthusiasm.

TNUT, a new DEFI ecological platform, was created by the international film and television giant Yongsheng classics. The Ubest Alliance of the US Financial Brand Exchange Alliance created a total ecology of TNUT, one applied to the DEFI and Yuan universe sections. TNUT is a new ecological token based on blockchain technology, providing investors with fair, transparent, and open trading environment while providing a platform ecological circulation value token.


Today, TNUT was officially launched globally, and various node communities of TNUT token began to layout. During this period, the global system was open to registration, and the city nodes in South Korea, Japan, the United States, Singapore, Dubai and other countries began to launch. Welcome the global TNUT consensus users to join, the global consensus is launched, to build the world DeFi the largest digital assets, and fight for the real economic freedom. In order to build a reliable and innovative DEFI financial network and empower the global industry, we look forward to the different surprises brought to us by TNUT.


In the new TNUT ecosystem, the latest gameplay is used to create global resource sharing. Everyone empowers me. It is completely controlled by yourself, the assets are extremely safe, the community is highly autonomous, and the transaction is open and transparent. It is only for users to create a safe and long -term global transaction ecosystem.

With the advent of the era of token, the globally famous DeFi token has been launched, bringing a ray of dazzling sunshine to the field of digital assets. a new TNUT world has been opened, looking forward to your participation!

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