Three major breakthrough technological innovations of ETND public chain , using technology to create value and full of market expectations




With the upgrade of the ETND public chain network , it is foreseeable that the new public chain ETND will enter the field of encryption more and more frequently. In terms of technological innovation, it has been recognized by many partners and followed up on research, which also shows that ETND public chain technology may be one of the important solutions for the popularization and application of blockchain , and it has become the first choice for all developers and users. condition. Let's take a closer look at the research on the three major breakthrough innovations of ETND public chain technology.

1. Key replacement and recovery

The key is like the password of a bank card. The loss of the password means the risk of property loss. Therefore, in order to prevent the loss of funds caused by the theft of account private keys, an account key recovery and rotation protocol is set up in ETND, which supports any account to rotate its private key. At the same time, in order to prevent key loss, ETND is also developing new key recovery technologies that can be directly integrated into the blockchain account model.

If the technology is successfully implemented, it will definitely be a thunderclap. It is very popular among users, because too many users are often affected by private key problems, which affect the transaction experience and even cause property losses.


2. Multi -currency Gas fee

Gas fee is often a "stumbling block" to "dissuade" users. For example, in the current ETH public chain, the gas fee is too high to bear to look at. However, ETND can use multiple currencies to pay for gas, thus avoiding the embarrassment that there is only one non-gas token in the wallet, which leads to the inability to conduct transactions. The principle is to normalize other tokens to ETND Coin according to the on-chain exchange rate, and then sort all transactions according to the normalized gas price and confirm the transactions to be executed. An example is as follows:

  • A chain sent a transaction, gas_price is 10, gas_currency is "A chain Coins"
  • B chain also sent a transaction at the same time, gas_price is 20, gas_currency is "B chain Coins";

If the exchange rate of "A chain Coins" to ETND Coins on the chain is 2.1, and the exchange rate of "B chain Coins" to ETND Coins on the chain is 1, then the normalized gas price of the transaction of chain A is 10 * 2.1 = 21, B The normalized gas price of chain transactions is 20 * 1 = 20, so the gas paid by A chain is higher than that of B chain, and the transaction of A chain will be confirmed first.

  1. new blockchain language

For blockchain languages, we're after flexibility, security, and verifiability. Thus , smart contract developers have greater freedom of choice .

ETND Labs developed the Move blockchain language, which can meet the above pain points. ETND is built by Move language; Move language is more secure and reliable than ETH's Solidity language, and ETND is compatible with Solidity, making it easier for more ETH blockchain developers to migrate to the ETND chain , this is what a smart contract language should look like .

whole, ETND 's three major technological innovation researches represent a deep technical development team, and it also means that ETND will be an underlying public chain network with excellent technology, and its second-tier applications will definitely explode at a time node. growth, and drive the rapid growth of the value of the underlying network. The acceleration of ETND will make the future blockchain world more colorful, which is worth everyone's watching.

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