Quantum Technologies Shall Set off a New Round of Technolog

2020-03-09 海讯社

I. One billion Euro quantum technology project of the EU triggers global "quantum competition" 

Since the EU announced the plans to launch a one billion-euro quantum technology project, it has detonated the ignition of global quantum technology. Quantum technology instantly becomes an international hot topic.

    Spokesman of European Union Commission, Natalie Vandy Eisenstadt said that despite the way to carry out this project has not been finalized, in terms of size, time span and achievement of the goal, it is quite similar with two European flagship projects - Graphene flagship project and human brain project. One billion of funds shall be from the European Union and other European countries.On May 17 and 18, European Union Commission announced the "Quantum Declaration" in Europe Quantum Conference in Amsterdam. The meeting was held by the European Quantum Presidency - the Netherlands, the European Union Commission and Quantum Technology Center located in Delft.

Britain once announced the creation of £ 120 million network made up of four "quantum technology hubs", including 17 universities and 132 companies to promote commercially viable new quantum technology.

According to report of "Nature" magazine, before that, US National Security Bureau is developing a kind of "quantum computers used for password technology". The project’s investment capital is $ 79.7 million and its partner is a lab of the University of Maryland, College Park.

The world's first quantum communications satellite developed by China has completed payload and platform product development and is making pre-launch integrated testing; it will launch in July this year.

Quantum Computing and Communications Technologies Research Center founded by University of New South Wales in Sydney shall get 46 million Australian dollars ($ 33 million) investment in the first phase in July this year.

II. The Business Leaders All Participate in Quantum Technology Research and Development

IBM, Microsoft and other technology companies have invested a lot on quantum computing research. As early as last year, the last obstacle stopped in quantum computing technology - millisecond coherence time was officially solved by a researcher at IBM Research Institute. 

 On Dec 10, 2015, Google announced that it has achieved a breakthrough in quantum computing; the company said it had succeeded in proving their own highly controversial computer purchased in 2013 could perform mathematical calculations based on quantum technology. The quantum algorithm is 100 million times faster than the traditional process in solving the problem.

     Since 2009, Israel Military Industry Group has invested on QITS (Quantum Intelligent Technology(Israel)CO.,LTD) to conduct quantum technology research and explore military and industrial applications of quantum algorithms.

BlackBerry investor Mike Lazaridis and Doug Friedkin also said they would jointly invest $ 100 million again to cultivate quantum science and technology enough to lead the next wave of computing field and achieve commercialization.

   Quantum cryptography and quantum decryption technology will become hot; in addition, future quantum technology will be widely used in the Department of Defense, finance and other fields.

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