ZazaBaby Child Safety Seats: Most Popular Award

2020-03-09 海讯社

 Sub-headline: China agent of ZazaBaby Child Safety Seats recently won “Most Popular Award” in Chinese seat industry in 2019.

 The topic of child safety seats seems far away from all of us and is close to us as well. Especially, those who own cars pay more attention to child safety seats.

 According to the survey, the survival rate of children sitting on safety seats is 96% higher than those without sitting on safety seats in accidents of car crashes. It goes without saying that car child safety seats are of vital importance. Currently, there are many brands of car safety seats in China. What kinds of child safety seats are of more reliable quality?


ZazaBaby child safety seats have passed the most authoritative certification system of ECE-R44/04 by Netherlands Testing Center of Economic Commission for Europe. One of the strictest testing standards globally, marked as E4, is issued by Netherlands Ministry of Transportation (RDW). It’s standard include testing of latch/safety belt abrasive resistance, corrosion resistance, and car crash test. Meanwhile, it has passed 3C Certification, namely, compulsory product certification system.

 Warm congratulations on China agent of ZazaBaby Child Safety Seats won “Most Popular Award” in Chinese seat industry in 2014. In front of unprecedented opportunities and challenges, Fuzhou Blazer Trade Co., Ltd. will continue adhering to the business philosophy of forging ahead, and being pragmatic and innovative, strengthening company management to enhance its core competitiveness, and pushing legislative mandatory use of Chinese child occupant restraint system, promoting application and popularization of child safety seats, and effectively reducing child traffic injuries!

 “May Day” holiday is approaching soon. Self-driving tour has become more and more popular, with whole family going out in fashionable clothes. During traveling, child safety seats are strongly advised to be furnished and correctly used for children to ensure their safety inside cars. Within the range of budget, the experts of safety seats suggest that the key factor is safety while choosing and buying safety seats of foreign brands and parents make sure to confirm whether safety seats have safety certification or not.

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