WAVE ROBO ADVISER will create “master circle of friends” to open the social investment

2020-03-10 海讯社

The founder of Meituan, Wang Xing, once said, if there is no smart phone and no mobile Internet, there will be no Meituan , and this is the same for WAVE ROBO ADVISER. 

Over the past few years, the Internet boom has shifted from content to socialization quietly. And the Internet promoted some popular social Apps such as Buy Together, Little Red Book and Tik Tok. WAVE ROBO ADVISER , which started with AI investment as its highlight, has launched a discussion area with the online trading function of MT5. Social investment makes WAVE ROBO ADVISER more attractive. Now, investment is no longer a one-man competition, it doesn’t have to start with paying tuition. 

You can enjoy one-stop investment experience when you come into contact with WAVE ROBO ADVISER. With the creation of the one-click order for newcomers, the MT5 trading for veterans, as well as the newly launched quotation discussion area, WAVE ROBO ADVISER has created the new investment methods for two different groups of users. Here, the newcomers can learn from the veterans, the veterans can also communicate with the analysts. Moreover, the real-time global market rolling and the latest information sharing can also be found on WAVE ROBO ADVISER. 

Being different from other websites, WAVE ROBO ADVISER’ s quotation discussion area was built within the App. From the home page, users can see the list of trading varieties which is being traded now, including the precious metals, all kinds of currency, crude oil, etc.

WAVE ROBO ADVISER aims to create a virtuous circle of investor ecology for all of its users. Besides, it is also a high degree of confidence in its AI technology, investment analysts and investment team. 

Social investment is sweeping people’s life. Immersive user habits make Internet products be used more frequently, investment and financial management have been stepped up to a new level, too. It is the best proof that WAVE ROBO ADVISER has taken a step towards the social investment. 

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