HP Indigo and Microsoft Xiaoice collaborate to enable creation of hyper-customized designs


Available on PrintOS Marketplace, customers can choose from thousands of unique PrintOS Mosaic seed patterns designed by AI for use in their campaigns or designs.

HP Indigo and Microsoft Xiaoice announce a collaboration to offer unique PrintOS Mosaic seed patterns that enable the creation of hyper-customized designs by AI for HP customers worldwide.  

HP Mosaic is HP Indigo’s variable design tool for use with HP Indigo presses and other HP Graphic Arts equipment in creating mass customization through unique designs. The Mosaic software automatically generates large numbers of artworks, each one unique by defining the basic seed design elements used to be part of every variation.  

The collaboration with HP Indigo has created unlimited unique Mosaic seed patterns in vector PDF format.  This will largely shorten the time required for designers to select the suitable seed files in creating their hyper-customized Mosaic designs.

The ‘Mosaic-ready’ seed patterns will be available for ordering via HP PrintOS Marketplace – an online community for HP Indigo users for knowledge and application sharing. There are 4 main themes for the first batch of 4000 Mosaic seed files created by Microsoft Xiaoice: Urban & Tech, Young & Energetic, Classic Fashion, and Cultural Tradition.

As a special promotion, HP customers worldwide will be able to enjoy the use of these patterns free of charge, from March to December 31st, 2020.  

Mosaic seed files created by Microsoft Xiaoice

At Drupa, Microsoft Xiaoice will launch the unique Mosaic on-demand feature at HP Possibility City. Based on the key words and preferred styles input by the designers, unique seed files will be designed by Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Xiaoice.  Customers can apply them to their campaigns and designs without being concerned that the same images will be used by others.  

In addition, as the Development Partner of HP InnoPartner program - an ecosystem that empowers print innovation - Microsoft Xiaoice will showcase other mass-customization capabilities at Drupa that will enable brands to provide highly personalized experiences to their customers in a new way.

“The collaboration between Microsoft and HP Indigo enables a new level mass-customization in the graphic arts industry with efficiency and cost-effectiveness in mind.  Being creative and unique has never been more approachable,” said Alon Bar-Shany, General Manager, HP Indigo Divison.

Microsoft Xiaoice

Launched by Microsoft Software Technology Center Asia (STCA), Microsoft Xiaoice is an AI underlying framework and system integrating natural language processing, computer voice and vision among other technologies. So far, Microsoft Xiaoice has become one of the world's largest interdisciplinary AI systems.  Microsoft Software Technology Center Asia (STCA) proposed the concept of “AI Creation” with the purpose of learning abilities of excellent human creators and creating content based on text, voice and vision through AI technology. Vision creation generally covers two areas: painting and pattern design. In painting, after learning works of 236 famous human artists in the 400-year art history, Microsoft Xiaoice can complete 100% original paintings on its own while being inspired by text or other sources of creation. In pattern design, Microsoft Xiaoice can steadily design over a dozen major styles and create on-demand, with the design diversity of 10 to the 26 power.              

HP PrintOS Marketplace

PrintOS Marketplace is a community platform designed to help customers boost capabilities and automate through HP and partner solutions.  It is a one-stop shop extending PrintOS through a growing library of apps and components that can be installed or downloaded including design assets and open artwork files that customers can customize for their needs.

HP InnoPartner Program
HP InnoPartner program is a global initiative to accelerate market transformation and growth through partnership and innovation. It is an open innovation ecosystem where business partners, development partners and HP Indigo users collaborate and innovate on new applications, new business models, and new GTM approach.  Learn more at www.hp.com/innopartner

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