On the last day of the DRC trading contest, the hand is slow and there is no hurry to participate in the welfare


From white to expert

Have you ever invested in the investment process?

24 hours a day

The heart is like a roller coaster

Eventually encountered a good project

From then on, jump up and become the master

May 12

DRC opened the trading contest for the detonation coin ring

Stimulated by luxury prizes such as Ferrari and sea view rooms

Users who come from the wind have begun to actively participate

Now the contest is coming to an end.


Already the last entry time

Regardless of the user who has not purchased

Still a friend with less positions

I haven’t gotten to the time until 18 o’clock, and I’m going to hurry up.

Once won, regardless of the champion, runner-up or third place

Massive luxury awards let you get soft

TOP1 Ferrari 488 (1 vehicle)

TOP2 Land Rover Range Rover (1 vehicle)

TOP3-7 Deluxe Sea View Room (1 set)

TOP8-17 Apple Macbook Pro 13.3 (one)

TOP18-47 Huawei P30 (one)

TOP48-98 millet balance car (1)

Participation Award: Users with more than 20,000 DRC DRC transactions can get the DRC Eco Surrounding Package.

Send another entry notice

Users participating in the DRC trading contest

Just at VVBTC, F8Coin, and the three exchanges

Direct purchase of DRC, the transaction volume will be included in the activity ranking statistics.

Specific statistical rules: The effective ranking data is based on the number of users buying the net DRC (net purchase quantity = total purchase amount - total sales amount) and the position is more than 10 days (this ranking will be participated in the DRC transaction by the three major exchanges). Users work together to rank).

Luo Yan said that in addition to the grand prize benefits, the value potential of DRC itself is also the reason why many users pay attention to it.

As a global entertainment eco-chain, DRC creates a multi-industry and all-round application ecological scene by empowering the physical industry economy and blockchain technology. At present, there are more than 2 million ecological users on the Durian micro-vision platform, the first application ecosystem built by DRC. In the future, DRC will release an application-based ecological scene based on movie IP, literature, and celebrities. More and more ecological users will be added, and the platform will become larger and larger. The value of DRC will also be ensured while ensuring stable users continue to circulate DRC tokens. Recognized and optimistic by more users. Currently based on the Ruby public chain RU20 issued tokens, the subsequent Durian chain main chain test passed the main online line.

Life is just 30,000 days, and the opportunities that everyone can seize are just a few times. DRC is one of the most valuable opportunities. There is not much time, DRC is ready to drive, and speed up the time to get on the bus!

Company Name:Future Finance

Contact Person:Moca Yu




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