Only 10 days on the line, the value increased by 240%, how to achieve rapid value-added DRC


Value: In economics, value is an important property of a commodity. It represents how much the commodity can be exchanged for other commodities. The value is usually measured by money and becomes the price. The value in this view is actually the performance of exchange value, that is, the value of the product. When it comes to product value, it reflects the market demand of products to a certain extent. The higher the market demand, the higher the value of the product itself.

As far as digital currency is concerned, its value is gradually being recognized and accepted by the public. Many commercial fields such as financial services, cross-border trade, copyright maintenance, mobile payment... have begun to use digital currency to replace traditional currency . As a circulation token for building an ecological scenario in the physical industry, DRC maximizes its value in just 10 days.

DRC is a comprehensive entertainment public chain that integrates short video production and release, online live broadcast and creative shopping display. Currently based on the Ruby public chain (Ruby road chain is the world's leading blockchain application technology stack, the first commercial-grade blockchain infrastructure) RU20 issued tokens, followed by the Durian Chain main chain test through the main online line.

On May 12th, DRC launched the three major exchanges of VVBTC, F8Coin and Qianjun. As of May 22, it only used 10 days of DRC currency price to appreciate rapidly, with the highest increase of 240%. The great value of DRC is so fascinating. Maximizing value, DRC is achieved in just a few steps.

Clear market positioning

The network red economy is accompanied by the emergence of Internet technology, and the current network red economy is also an economic package for the development of short video. However, the problem of uneven distribution of value among the ports of the network red industry value chain (net red, institutions, users, businesses, etc.) is highlighted, and the industry lacks a long-term development mechanism. Based on market pain points, DRC builds a decentralized, fully ecological application platform through blockchain technology.

Launched the first app ecosystem

Under the circumstance of industry problems, DRC launched the first application ecological platform based on short video + e-commerce new retail wood - Durian micro-vision at the end of 2018. Since the launch of the DRC application ecological durian micro-vision, the number of ecological users has exceeded 2 million.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, DRC launched the first round of IEO

Leveraging 2 million eco-users, DRC launched the IEO subscription activity from May 7 to May 9. Under the credit endorsement of VVBTC, F8Coin and the three major exchanges, hundreds of thousands of users rushed to buy, 20 million The DRC is sold out.

Continue to force, open the trading contest

Under the favorable market trend, DRC continued to exert its 10-day trading contest from May 12 to May 22, and the DRC trading contest was successfully completed under the stimulation of luxury prizes such as Ferrari and sea view rooms. . The total volume of transactions on the three major exchanges exceeded 60 million, and the DRC price rose by 240%.

Through the above processes, DRC has transformed from an obscure little project into a hot new generation star currency. DRC focuses on the application ecological scenario of the physical industry. In the future, DRC will flatten the development of multi-domain and multi-industry applications, including entertainment, games, systems, e-commerce, new retail, and network red economy. Success stems from the strength reserves of all parties and capital, and DRC is determined to become a new generation of hundred times and thousands of coins. With the DRC ride, DRC will run with you and seek common cause.

Company Name:Future Finance

Contact Person:Moca Yu


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