Together with the people and the people, witness the rapid growth of DRC


According to the market environment that has gradually recovered this year and the performance of various strength projects in the circle, the cryptocurrency market gradually shows the market characteristics of the bull market, and the market environment has a great probability that it has entered a new round of currency appreciation. Under the background of favorable environmental conditions, based on the development law of the currency market, innovative coins with strong innovation ability and good flow continuity will outperform the market. In such a day, the DRC will undoubtedly become the star currency of the new round of bull market cycles.

Based on the rapid development trend of the physical industry, DRC builds a decentralized real-time content through blockchain technology, transparent and transparent information, and maintains a comprehensive ecological application scenario of multiple interests. It is a short video production release, online live broadcast, creative shopping. A comprehensive entertainment chain that is displayed in one. Currently based on the Ruby public chain (Ruby road chain is the world's leading blockchain application technology stack, the first commercial-grade blockchain infrastructure) RU20 issued tokens, followed by the Durian Chain main chain test through the main online line.

DRC focuses on the application of ecological scenarios in the physical industry. DRC will flatten the development of multi-domain and multi-industry applications, including entertainment, games, systems, e-commerce, new retail, and network red economy. At present, the number of ecological users on the DRC application ecosystem platform has exceeded 2 million, and the number of DRC tokens in the market is more than 30 million. More and more users recognize and continue to purchase DRC tokens.

In addition, DRC is backed by the big capital party - Malaysia Gold Shengshi Group, which was founded in 1998 and is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It has 20 years of experience and is a comprehensive international industry group. The Group operates in Asia and has branches and business liaison offices in major Asian countries and regions such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Cambodia. The Group relies on the sales and marketing network of Southeast Asian countries. Through unremitting efforts to deepen its deep cultivation, it has enriched its many industrial chains through acquisitions, pancakes, investment and joint ventures. It has 400 acres of durian plantations in Malaysia. The strong foundation of the Golden Shengshi Group will continuously inject funds for the follow-up development of DRC.

At present, Bitcoin maintains a strong position in the high position and is ready to go. Most of the mainstream currencies have doubled to tripled year-to-date, and the highest has even reached 5 times, providing a stable market for the increase in the strength of the circle. The environment, coupled with the DRC's own user accumulation and background strength, the development of the time and place and the people and the DRC will be expected, the first target is the new high.

Company Name:Future Finance

Contact Person:Moca Yu


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