Entertainment Eco Project DRC, grand launch on non-small platform


Short video is a new social way that gradually enters the public's field of vision. New things are always developed gradually through trial and error, especially in terms of user rights, there are value distribution, resource diversion, original maintenance, rapid realization, etc. problem. The industry pain point of uneven distribution of value among the short-video industry value chain (net red, institutions, users, merchants, etc.) is an important factor hindering users' access to equity and long-term development of the industry. DRC came into being.

In May 2019, the DRC project was launched. It is committed to using the blockchain decentralization technology to build the world's first decentralized real-time content sharing platform, to create a world-leading entertainment public chain project, and to improve the value of short video industry users and merchants' homes. Assignment issues. DRC has no routines, stable marketing, high-quality autonomous community, rich community activities, and strong product ecological scenes, which have become a strong support for the price increase and create a high-quality market.

The DRC project has been launched on May 24th as one of the largest digital data platforms in the country, “Non-Small”. Under the daily average of 5W IP, the DRC will continue to appreciate. At present, DRC has opened the US dollar, and the French currency of the RMB has been deposited. More follow-up will be launched. Coin friends can add “optional” to the project to check the ups and downs and project introductions at any time.

On May 12, 2019, the DRC project was launched on the VVBTC, F8Coin, and Coin, among which VVBTC is the largest exchange in Canada. It is known as the “CCTV Positive Army”, the F8Coin Exchange has obtained the Philippine license, and the coin is registered in Singapore. At the same time, it has a veteran exchange with dual licenses in Australia and the Philippines. The first short video realmization platform created by the company, Durian Microvision, allows users and merchants to trade goods in a short video format through the platform token DRC through blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies. As the first application of DRC's industry-wide ecology, Durian Micro-vision will be based on the ecological platform of the physical industry under the support of 2 million ecological users. It will become a key link in the infrastructure construction of the entire entertainment ecosystem in the future.

With the rapid development of the domestic entertainment economy, DRC, an entertainment eco-chain, will become better and better under its foundation, and will drive DRC under the buck of blockchain technology, millions of ecological users and strong capitalists. Continued appreciation. It is DRC's consistent value concept to let users easily invest in wealth management and enjoy wealth freedom. Only by continuously appreciating can we maximize our value. DRC has no maximum value and only continues to appreciate.

Company Name:Future Finance

Contact Person:Moca Yu




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