Real estate speculation has gone, it is better to buy a DRC


In the past few years, domestic investors have set their sights on the crazy real estate speculators. "One million buys 50 million to sell" has created a myth of making a fortune. A variety of uneven real estate speculation has emerged in an endless stream, such as the increase in mortgage loans, high-rated high-loan, balloon loans, monthly loans and other types of real estate speculation, so that the family buying a dazzling, overwhelmed.

Adding a mortgage loan: re-buy or value the house in the mortgage loan, and the homeowner applies to the bank or another bank for a mortgage loan again. In short, the house with the loan is revalued and the loan is added at the newly evaluated price. As long as the house continues to increase in price, the mortgage loan can theoretically be repeated.

High evaluation of high loans: the price of the house is raised, and then more mortgage loans are set out from the bank. This operation allows the speculators to pay the first lump without paying a penny, and even the tax is paid out, that is, Zero down payment for real estate.

Balloon loan: This is a very vivid statement, meaning that the loan, like a balloon, can try to expand. For example, the real estate loan is 1 million for 10 years, but the monthly payment can be calculated according to the loan term of 50 years. By the end of the tenth month, the monthly payment will be very low, so that the speculators can use the same money for more houses.

Monthly loan: This is actually a variant of down payment. In this operation, the lender is a real estate speculator who can apply for a mortgage loan in the third month of the tenth year! The money that is put out will continue to be repaid for a long time, and will continue to be sold until the house is sold. Even if you don't sell your house, don't worry about breaking the supply.

Although the above-mentioned several kinds of real estate operation reduced the pressure of buying a house in a short period of time, but the high price of housing bubble pressure to buy a house is overwhelming, talk about the "room" change, hope that the "room" stops, the real estate market quickly fell into a haze At the same time, regulatory policies are gradually coming.

The ban on commercial housing, the policy of changing school districts, the acceleration of self-housing supply, and the rise in mortgage interest rates... can strictly limit the rise in housing prices. Buyers are not allowed to buy or sell within 10 years from the date of obtaining the real estate license. In this 10 years, the possibility of speculation in real estate is reduced. The long-term investment property is highly uncertain, the leverage pressure is increased, the circulation of funds is limited, and the price bear market is only After being able to blink and expire, there is still the risk of falling housing prices.

The real estate dream is broken, where will investors go? If the real estate speculation has gone, it is better to buy a DRC!

DRC is a comprehensive entertainment public chain that integrates short video production and release, online live broadcast and creative shopping display. It is committed to building a world-leading entertainment public chain project and is the world's first decentralized real-time content sharing platform. . Based on the application ecological scenario built by the physical industry, DRC will flatten the development of multi-domain and multi-industry application scenarios, including entertainment, games, systems, e-commerce, new retail, and network red economy. In keeping with the development of the market environment, the basic support for the application of ecological scenarios in the physical industry will continue to maintain the stability of the DRC currency price.

DRC is a new generation of investment artifacts. With this shareholder wind of the real economy, it is the best policy to start DRC. Friends who are still thinking about making money through the difference in real estate prices are waking up. In the current market, whether it is short-term or long-term real estate investment, it has undoubtedly become a matter of unrewarding and low investment. As the saying goes: Real estate is not good, start with DRC.

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