DRC is more suitable for entertainment economy than net red mode


In the process of pursuing the interests of madness, Net Red Live is regarded by the whole people as the easiest and fastest way to realize self-worth. Considering the two aspects of rapid liquidation and user rights, in the era of rapid development of life rhythm, the emergence of DRC provides a better platform for the actual benefit output and speed of the entertainment industry.

Although DRC covers a wider range of fields, from live broadcasts to e-commerce to film IP and literary creation, its most promising area is short video realisation. Through the openness, security and transparency of blockchain technology, it can guarantee more users to realize the short video value, and the non-tamperable property of the blockchain also provides the possibility for the user's original video copyright maintenance.

DRC is a relatively new and steadily developing project. Its positioning is actually very simple – focusing on the application ecological scenario of building a real industry, it is a short video production release, online live broadcast, creative shopping display. Integrated entertainment public chain. When specific to the user's rights, through the blockchain technology to build a decentralized real-time content, transparent information, and maintain the user's rights and interests of the entertainment ecosystem.

The most familiar of these is Durian Microvision, which is the first application ecology in DRC's entire entertainment ecosystem. As the name implies, Durian Microvision is a new video shopping and entertainment social platform that focuses on user rights and can quickly realize short video realization. Users only need to become the owner of Durian micro-view micro-stores, and they can get real-time income by displaying products, selling products and completing the tasks of platform publishing through small videos.

DRC is the circulation token in the entire entertainment ecosystem, and the process of users trading on all platforms plays an indispensable role. At present, more than 2 million eco-users use DRC for video display and commodity trading to gain revenue. In the continuous circulation process, DRC's currency price will rise rapidly and attract more users to hold DRC tokens.

"Compared to Net Red Live, I am more optimistic about the DRC, an entertainment eco-model that focuses on user rights," said a DRC believer. Similarly, an eco-user on the DRC platform said: “Although it is still too early, if DRC really does all the entertainment eco-scenarios, no matter whether short video, music creation or literary creation will enter a brand new The development form, while the DRC circulation value and coverage will be higher and wider, DRC will create a new era of entertainment economy."

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