DRC is the best investment option compared to P2P, which is often thunderous.


P2P (peer to peerlending), as its name suggests, is a financial model in which individuals provide small loans to others through third-party platforms. Its essence is a kind of private lending based on the Internet. It is a kind of thing that makes sense to optimize resource allocation. When we have some spare cash, we will think about making money through investment, but what products are invested has become a headache for everyone. Buying a house, the amount is not enough; put the stock market, the risk is too big to play; save the bank, and the income is too low... Thinking about it, it is difficult to decide to buy P2P financial management, but the results have frequently appeared various kinds of thunder.

Qualification risk

The P2P platform has a lower operating threshold. It only needs to register a company, then buy a template and then go online. The P2P platform has sprung up like this. Some platforms have a registered capital of only a hundred thousand. Some platforms have no wind control experience, risk control technology, and some platforms do not understand Internet security technology. These aspects lead to weaker wind control capabilities of the P2P platform. In the course of operation, if there is a problem, it will bring significant losses to investors.

Operating model risk

At present, the operation mode of domestic P2P platforms is not the same, but most platforms provide advance payment models such as guarantee company advances and risk reserve advances to reduce the risk of investors. The two methods are intended to be good, but in actual operation. Some uncontrollable problems are prone to occur, causing certain potential risks to the platform.

Management risk

After the establishment and establishment of the P2P platform, the management mode of the platform has become an important factor for the healthy development of the platform, which is mainly reflected in the control of market competition and platform transparency. The market competition is mainly when some new platforms are just beginning to open their business. In order to attract investors, they will adopt a full guarantee of principal and interest. They completely ignore the risk of the market. As a result, these new platforms are earning some large amounts of liquidity. After the award, they will withdraw and invest a lot of money but they will not be able to form a long-term investment group. Once the platform is in crisis, it will cause some losses to investors.

Policy risk

In 2019, the P2P compliance inspection work has not been finalized. Some platforms still face huge compliance pressures. In the process, many non-compliant platforms will be eliminated.

The potential risks of P2P will make investors' money sink into the sea, and they will not be able to get back even a dime. So what financial products are the best investment choices? Xiaobian tells you that it is right to start DRC directly.

DRC, as a new and most valuable digital currency project, builds a decentralization through blockchain technology, transparent information, based on user rights, online live broadcast, real-time content sharing, short video production and release, and creativity. Shopping and display in one integrated entertainment chain. DRC is based on the Ruby public chain RU20 issued tokens, the late DRC main chain will be fully launched through the official website after the test is completed. DRC will comprehensively develop the entertainment and ecological application scenarios of the entertainment industry. Under the trend of better market recovery, the basic support of the physical industry will continue to enhance the value of DRC, and the investment potential is quite huge.

Insufficient funds to buy a house, the risk of stock market is too big, the bank's income is too low, P2P is easy to thunder... For an ordinary person who has no power and no power, and what is unreasonable, DRC is the best for you. The ideal way of financial freedom, while investing in DRC also opens another new perspective for your life. Choose a quality investment project – DRC grows with you to quickly realize the value-added and growth of wealth in the next wave of market opportunities!

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