Noah's Ark's first Web 3 GameFi blockchain game, Battle of Noah, is about to go live!


According to reports, Battle of Noah will be the first ecological chain game project to be launched on the world's first comprehensive Web3 platform, Noah's Ark!


Battle of Noah is the platform's first new blockchain strategy game. On the Battle of Noah platform, players can participate in battles, use various tactical strategies, use their skills to complete challenges, and win corresponding rewards, truly meaning Play to Earn.


When players first join Battle of Noah, they will receive a free level-one hero. This hero will not be sold on the market, and other heroes of different rarity can be unlocked from blind boxes or obtained through casting. Players need to upgrade their equipment (NFT) in the game, fight bosses, participate in PvP battles to upgrade their NFTs, and earn high game profits.


The economic properties of NFTs in the game are one of the features of Battle of Noah. The economic properties include energy, luck, and computing power; different combinations of economic properties determine the economic value of NFTs, with NFTs with high energy, high luck, and high computing power being rarer and able to be exchanged for higher-value NFTs.


Battle of Noah's NFTs are divided into two types: props and heroes; prop NFTs have no energy value, which is the only difference between the two types of NFTs. Energy is a prerequisite for NFTs to participate in game mining. When energy is less than or equal to 0, NFTs cannot participate in the game. Each level in the game consumes 5 energy. Players can only Play to Earn when they have energy. Although 25% of the energy will be replenished every 6 hours after the energy is consumed, there is still a daily energy limit. There are two ways to increase the energy limit: buy more energy or buy more NFT heroes.


Luck determines the probability of token drops. The larger the luck value, the greater the probability of token drops, and the greater the profits obtained.


Computing power is the calculation base of staking mining. The larger the computing power, the more tokens can be obtained in a unit of time. Users can obtain the original computing power by owning a complete NFT. NFTs of different levels have different computing power, and users can participate in DAO organization staking mining by staking NFTs. Hero NFTs can mine NOAH/BON when they reach level 8, while prop NFTs can only mine BON.


As the first Web3.0 blockchain game built on an AI engine, Battle of Noah offers an unparalleled gaming experience for both the platform and players, a new and revolutionary game dissemination and social experience that will undoubtedly lead the intergenerational change of chain gaming experiences in the future.

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