BSetcoin starts a new era of investment


BSETCOIN has opened a new era of investment, and we will concentrate the members we share together. Trading any product will get commissions! We cooperate with multiple investment institutions, banks, and securities around the world, and closely follow the development investment plan of Binance Labs in the secondary exchange, and make BSETCOIN become the United States -centered and radiate the global multi -functional digital currency exchange!

The BSET Exchange is a global digital financial trading platform jointly created by Binance Labs in 2016. In 2017, with TBCASOFT, in 2023, BSETCOIN CAPITAL FOUNDATION applied for registration in the United States and obtained official certification in the United States! BSET uses blockchain technology in banks, insurance, securities, futures, supply chain finance, digital economy and other aspects. Today, the world is in the outbreak of the blockchain. For different financial institutions, the subversion of blockchain is also unsightly.

For the future development, the BSET platform should not be arrogant nor blindly follow the trend. Instead, it should eliminate the misunderstanding and let customers understand the true value of its platform. The BSET platform selects a combined combination strategy and a diverse strategy configuration. Among them, the multi -investment allocation method has trend, arbitrage, high frequency and hedge. It can also disperse risks while ensuring stable profit. Multiple risk control, ensuring the steady growth of the net value of the product, with multiple investment strategies, the analysis and prediction of scientific intelligence on prices and risks, allowing investors to profit in stability.


BSET focuses on the token issuance transactions of start -up crypto software companies, undertakes the business of more than 100 countries or regions around the world, and focuses on investment models such as spot, sustainable contracts, and wealth management.

In 2023, BSETCOIN joined Binance Labs to invest in new dollars in the global value. In the second quarter of 2023, we invested and issued new tokens of XTO and DEX, which will be an important investment in our second quarter!


With the support of Xto Energy and the parent company EXXON MOBIL, we will rely on oil and natural gas energy as a value to build an XTO project and issue XTO Coins. It aims to solve the disadvantages brought about by centralization in the existing energy industry value circulation model through the introduction of blockchain and decentralized digital currency.

XTO includes XTO Energy energy solution, supply chain collaborative management solution, energy traceability solution, energy finance solution, XTO DEFI lending solution, Yuan universe immersive interaction application, etc. Comprehensive changes in the energy industry operation model and value circulation model. At the same time, as the world's first landing solution that uses blockchain technology to support the development of the energy industry, with XTO Coins as the entry point, it will cultivate new supply chain finance "settlement systems" and "settlement system" and "settlement system" and "" settlement system "and" Value Circulation Center. While promoting the development of XTO Energy's business, it is escorted by global energy trade.

In terms of technology, XTO will create a comprehensive application of the underlying infrastructure of the blockchain under the energy industry, such as point -to -point transmission, distributed storage, lightning transactions, etc. This also means that XTO is also a decentralized payment system. Unlike most currencies, XTO does not rely on specific currency institutions. According to specific algorithms, it is generated by a large number of calculations. XTO uses a distributed database composed of many nodes in the entire network to confirm and record all transaction behaviors, and use the password Learn the design to ensure the safety of all aspects of currency circulation. Design based on cryptography can only be transferred or paid by real owners. This also ensures the anonymity of currency ownership and circulation transactions.

The distribution of XTO Coins is to create an energy supply chain alliance system that linked the world's energy supply chain alliances through the global diffusion and gradual value -added of XTO, solve the platform restrictions of customers, open up the limitations of various platforms, and achieve cross -platform payment and cross -chain applications. This achieves community interconnection, payment interoperability, unified technology, and traffic sharing.

In addition to the application of oil and natural gas such as oil and natural gas, XTO has also established a set of user value and returns based on XTO Coins for ordinary users and investors. Such as DEFI borrowing, liquidity mining, Staking, etc., will greatly attract investors' attention. At the same time, we also have functions such as operating stable, transaction automation, withdrawal of seconds, and lifelong revenue to better establish the confidence of investors entering the energy industry. Together with distributed node consensus algorithms to generate and update data, use cryptography to ensure the security of data transmission and access, and the encryption system of DRT data centers in the United States and security with the same digital currency can efficiently ensure the project efficiently to ensure the project Security and efficiency, so as to protect investors' wealth. For details of the business plan:

Disrupt DEX

DISRUPT DEX is a thin decentralization exchange. A permanent contract agreement on a chain, deployed on the largest potential Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain ZKSYNC. Liquidity pool) provides traders with the asset trading capabilities of spot and high leverage. DISRUPT Dex has the world's first decentralized contract trading mechanism, making digital asset leverage transactions more fair, open and fair.

Disrupt Dex was founded in June 2022 by Link Valley, and has been invested by A16Z, Paradigm, Coinbase Ventures and other institutions. With ZKSYNC's technical breakthrough, DISRUPT DEX has developed rapidly, the team has expanded to more than 30 people, and it is expected to follow the development of the ZKSYNC public chain into the star DEX of the public chain.

Disrupt Dex broke the boundaries and rules of the traditional DEX trading model. Using the technical advantages of ZKSYNC in scalability, crowdfunding builds a USD pool. The USD pool provides stable liquidity for transactions. Users can trade BTC, ETH, Avax, UNI, and LINK, and there is no KYC or regional restrictions. It has the characteristics of zero -slip point, high leverage, fairness and transparency, and no supervisory. Prove USD holders.

In the future, DISRUPT DEX will further develop the financial ecosystem, including but not limited to vault, lending, social transactions, options, others, etc., and gradually create a more complete DEX financial ecosystem, providing users with lower GAS, higher TPS, more more TPS, more more TPS, more more TPS, more TPS, and more more Safety, richer and diverse digital asset trading experience.

◎ Positionierung: Eine dezentralisierte Börse und Perpetual Contract Exchange auf Basis von zkEVM.

◎ Mission: Bieten Sie Benutzern ein niedrigeres Gas-, höheres TPS-, sichereres und vielfältigeres Handelserlebnis für digitale Assets.

◎ Vision: Überwinden Sie die technischen und Kostenbarrieren des Finanzwesens, führen Sie Händler zu sichereren und effizienteren Transaktionen auf der Kette und bauen Sie ein neues Szenario für die Finanzierung auf der Kette von Web 3.0 auf. Der Geschäftsplan ist verfügbar unter:


Our vision is to allow money to flow freely around the world. We believe that spreading this freedom can make the world a better place



Our mission is to provide infrastructure services for the entire blockchain ecosystem


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